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Bruni has produced this beautiful replica of the famous Winchester rifle in a blank firing form. This rifle is modeled after 1894 lever action rifle and features working components as the real thing.

This deluxe model features Italian craftsmanship using European hardwood for it stock and barrel trim. The model consists of 55 precision machined metal parts and is hand assembled.

The Bruni M1894 uses 8mm blank ammo and fires to simulate sound and visual effects of the real rifle. Load the 10 blank cartridges into the loading window or cock the lever action to load a blank round. After firing cock the lever again to discharge the empty round.

This model can also be fully disassembled for cleaning or for training purposes. Making this an ideal blank firing prop for theatrical productions, western films or for collector’s.

Bruni M1894 8mm Blank Firing Lever Action Rifle

SKU: 650
    • 10 round capacity
    • Length: 36 inches
    • Weight: 6 lbs
    • Ammo type: 8 mm blank shells
    • Top Firing Blank Rifle
    • Precision metal parts
    • European hardwoods
    • All working parts
    • Approved by the BATF as a blank firing replica rifle
    • Made in Italy
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