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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a blank firing gun a real gun?

No. A blank firing gun is a replica of the real fire arm that is intended to only simulate actions of its real counterpart. It cannot fire any projectile and it cannot be converted to fire any projectiles. Blank guns are typically is what you would see on a movie screen.

Do I need a license to have a blank firing gun?

No, license is not required to have a blank firing gun as it is a non-lethal replica. All modern blank firing guns feature a non-removable orange tip that is required by ATF and all other lawful federal agencies.
We do advise to use caution and take protective measures when transporting blank firing guns or other props. Store them in a trunk. Do not brandish the article in public as this may result in panic.

What is the difference between a top firing blank gun and front firing blank gun?

The top firing blank gun vents the flame and / or fume from the top of the barrel after the blank cartridge is discharged. The barrel (in modern replicas) will be plugged with an orange tip and you won’t be able to see inside the barrel. Most common models are the Bruni blank guns.
The front firing blank gun vents the flame from the front / tip of the barrel when the cartridge is fired. The barrel will typically have an orange tip around the barrel and the barrel would be hollow.

What caliber of cartridge / blank round should I use?

The correct caliber of blank cartridge will be stamped on the side of the barrel of your blank firing gun. It will also be stated in the provided manual.
Please use appropriate size in order to avoid any risk of injury / harm.

Are your items brand new?

Yes, absolutely. All of our items are brand new. We do not sell any used or refurbished props. They come in original packaging with all the provided user manuals and accessories.

Can I take the gun apart to clean it?

Yes, the blank firing guns are designed to be taken completely apart, just like their real counterparts. They are supposed to be oiled in order to properly function. The disassembling and cleaning of the blank firing gun can be done by a professional gunsmith. This is also a great tool for those interested in learning how the gun works.

Are there any restrictions within my state or city?

Please check with your local city and state for any restrictions. Some of the restricted states for modern replicas include New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and Rhode Island. 

However, the items may still be eligible for shipping within those states if the item is intended for theatrical productions, film, music videos, museums, photo studios or for gun training companies and law enforcement. 

For customers within the restricted states who fall under the above mentioned exception, please provide us with the legal business name, intent to use the item and a business license prior to placing an order.

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