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Zoraki 918 is a semi-automatic, front firing blank gun. This model fires to full realism of a real gun. Pull the trigger and watch as the slide recoils back and ejects the empty rounds through the ejection port. The fume / flame is vented through the front of the barrel and makes for a great visual prop in your performances or training. This is a high capacity, full size blank firing gun and uses 18 9mm PAK rounds.

ZORAKI M918 Semi Auto Front Firing Blank Gun, Black

SKU: 38-918
  • Features:

    • Semi Automatic – Double Action
    • Mechanism locked by hardened steel side button when clip is empty
    • Magazine release button at the bottom
    • Hardened steel reinforced cock
    • Hardened steel shell launcher and puller extractor
    • Steel-reinforced zinc alloy mechanism (slide)
    • Polymer frame


    • Blank Ammunition Caliber: 9MM P.A.K.
    • Magazine Capacity: 18 + 1
    • Barrel Length: 5.18"
    • Overall Length: 8.62"
    • Height: 5.63"
    • Width: 1.38"
    • Weight: 1.90lb


    • Blank pistol
    • Signal Flare Extension
    • Cleaning brush
    • Manual
    • Case
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