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The Thompson Submachine Gun, model M1928, also known as Tommy Gun is by far one of the most iconic guns at the turn of the 20th century. Popularized by the prohibition era gangsters, this gun became an iconic symbol as well as part of U.S history.


Featured in many films such as "The Untouchables" a film about Al Capone and the lead to his capture; as well as in the most recent film "Gangster Squad" a movie about the capturing the iconic Mickey Cohen a gangster terrorizing the streets of Los Angeles. This model was also recently featured in the last seasons of Peaky Blinders.
Other films where this gun was captured include Public Enemies, Indiana Jones, Legends of the Fall, and many others.


Now is your chance to own this amazing piece of history! This non-firing version of the Tommy Gun features: a removable 50-round magazine and working bolt (cocks and releases) with a trigger pull.

Thompson "Tommy" Gun M1928 Submachine Gun With Drum Magazine

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