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The Derringer model pistols were among the most compact pistols of its time period. With break open barrel the model could be loaded with 2 .41 caliber rounds that were deadly at close range. The model was designed by William Elliot and remained in manufacturing for over 40 years. This was a popular model among women and poker players as it could be easily carried and hid from plain site.
Denix has recreated this model to full realism of the original. Featuring working hinged barrel, trigger and hammer. The model is also heavy decorated with gold leaf motif and comes with plastic white handles. This model is made out of metal to replica its true weight to the original.We also have this offering in a blank firing form. Please visit out blank gun section to view those items.

1866 Gold Leaf Engraved Derringer Non-Firing Gun

SKU: 22-1262L
    • Working Trigger and Hammer
    • Functional Hinged Barrel
    • Non-Firing Prop
    • Gold Leaf Motif
    • Plastic Handles
    • Weight: 1 lbs
    • Length: 4.75 lbs
    • Made in Spain
    • Produced by Denix
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