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Check out this short video of the Denix Gold AK-47

We wanted to share this short video that we put together recently of the Gold AK-47.

This is an amazing prop and one of the most desired props that we have the pleasure to offer for sale on our site.

This is a beautiful replica gun that has been featured in films like Lord of War. It features full size, realistic weight - comparable to the original model, and working parts. Most importantly, it is made out of zinc metal and uses real wood for foregrips and stock, which gives this model it's realism when being held.

It can be used a number of ways, as a display piece, film productions or photography studios. The model does disassemble which is a great way to display the prop or for it be featured in your art productions.

Check our short film and the item is available here for sale. (click the "here" language to be taken directly to the sale page for this item.)


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