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The M1 Garand Rifle is the first semi-automatic rifle to ever be produced. It had a cartridge with a capacity for 8 rounds and upon firing of the last round the magazine would automatically eject creating a very distinct sound. This rifle was in service for the United States military and was a very effective rifle during Second World War. It had an effective range of 550 meters with a high accuracy and shot velocity. There were approximately 5 million units that were produced and is dubbed as “The Best Tool of War Every Created.”
This model is available from us as a non-firing replica produced by Denix. This model is made out of wood body and has metal components, just like the original. It also features same weight and size of its original counterpart.

1932 U.S. M1 Garand Non Firing Rifle

SKU: 22-1105
    • Wood frame with metal parts
    • Working trigger (cannot be chambered with ammo)
    • Length: 43 inches
    • Weight: 7.75 lbs
    • Made in: Spain
    • Made by: Denix
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