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Let's talk shipping restrictions...

As many of you have become aware, some states actually restrict the shipping of replica guns. This can be a very frustrating and a very deterring situation for many who are looking to purchase props for a various professional purposes.

Here, at TCN VAULT, we encounter this question nearly daily basis and would like to assist anyone who is looking to purchase one of our props with a clear understanding as many other retailers do not display or clarify this information for everyone.

So lets go over what these restrictions mean and who is actually exempt from them.

First let's start with the list of states that have restrictions on modern gun props:

  1. New York

  2. New Jersey

  3. Pennsylvania

  4. Minnesota

  5. Wisconsin

  6. Connecticut

  7. Rhode Island

  8. Puerto Rico

  9. Chicago and Aurora, Illinois

Some of the states listed above can be shocking, considering that in many of the listed states above a person may purchase an actual firearm. So the question arises as to why then restrict the purchase of these props when a person may purchase a real firearm?

Some states want to make it harder for individuals to own anything resembling a gun in order to protect its citizens where a police officer has not properly identified a prop from a real gun resulting in an injury, wrongful arrest or worse.

Although the news may seem deterring, there is some silver lining here. For example Massachusetts used to be on this list. However, recently they decided to drop this exemption and now allow sales of props without any restrictions. So the laws do tend to change throughout the years, so it's always a good practice to ask your retailer if the laws are still applicable and / or if they have changed.

Now let's talk about who can still purchase modern replicas.

The exemption applies to the following groups, organizations and individuals within the above listed states:

  1. Film studios

  2. Photography studios

  3. Music video productions

  4. Theatrical productions (professional theater organizations and schools)

  5. Reenactment companies such as Civil War, WWI and WWII reenactors

  6. Items intended for museum displays*

  7. Police and K9 training organizations and businesses

  8. Self defense training organizations and businesses

  9. Law enforcement (with exception of state of New York)

With the exception of the museums, which we will discuss in a little while, the following documents or verification is required to purchase a prop in your restricted state. With the exception of item number 1, any of the items listed in number 2 through 4 will satisfy this exemption.

However, there may be a time where we would ask for additional documentation if required.

  1. Provide the name of your business

  2. Provide associated documents such as business license certificate

  3. Provide website or social media account showing your work

  4. Any other form that you may think is necessary to verify that the item is intended for the specified purposes.

For museum displays, the item has to be sent directly to the museum and cannot be sent to a private address.

We hope this article is helpful when purchasing modern replica guns and as always, if you have any other questions or scenarios that you would like to discuss with us about purchasing our props, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and happy shopping!

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