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The Zoraki R2 is a front firing blank revolver. This model features a 2 inch barrel and comes in a beautiful silver finish accompanied by faux wood grips. The cylinder swings out to load 6 .380mm blank rounds. Fire the trigger and watch as this model replicates the sound and visual effects of a real revolver. When the last round is fired, open the cylinder and use the ejector to easily expel spent cartridges and load new ones.
This is a great blank firing revolver for training purposes or for film or theatrical productions.

ZORAKI R2 2-Inch Barrel Front Firing Blank Revolver, Silver with Faux Wood Grips

وحدة SKU: 5H2-FF-R22SL
    • Double Action
    • Cylinder (drum) release button at the side
    • Steel / zinc alloy shell extractor
    • Steel / zinc alloy cylinder (drum)
    • Hardened steel cylinder (drum) lock
    • Hardened cylinder (drum) revolver
    • Zinc alloy frame
    • Blank Ammunition Caliber: 9MM P.A.K.
    • Magazine Capacity: 6
    • Barrel Length: 2"
    • Overall Length: 6.89"
    • Height: 4.84"
    • Width: 1.41"
    • Weight: 1.65lb
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