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The Zoraki M925 is a front-firing blank machine pistol. This blank-firing gun features full visual and sound realism to its real counterpart and has been featured in countless films and shows, including the recently released show Narcos. This blank firing gun features a removable magazine which can be interchanged with the additionally included 25-round magazine. As with all other models, the gun features all working parts, making the gun visually comparable to its real counterpart without firing any projectiles. This model is a perfect prop for theatrical performances, movies, and video productions as well as for law enforcement training.

ZORAKI M925 UZI Full Auto Front Firing Blank Machine Gun Pistol

وحدة SKU: 5H2-FF-A925
    • Blank Ammunition Caliber: 9 MM P.A.K.
    • Magazine Capacity: 16 + 1 & 25 + 1
    • Barrel Length: 4.05"
    • Overall Length: 7.52"
    • Height: 5.63"
    • Width: 1.38"
    • Weight: 1.79 lb
    • Includes:
    • Blank pistol
    • Signal Flare Extension
    • Cleaning brush
    • Manual
    • Case
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