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In 1873 Samuel Colt created the Single Action Army (SAA) revolver with a 12 inch barrel. This model came in variation of barrel sizes as well. It was originally made for the US Army but gained large popularity among frontier man as it shared the same caliber with the Winchester rifles.
Denix has recreated this model to full detail. It features wood handles, metal body construction and has a functional drum, trigger and hammer. It cannot fire any ammo, however the drum does rotate to add to the realism of the item. This makes a great prop for western films and productions as well as for fast draw practice.

1873 Colt Buntline Special Non Firing Revolver, Antique Grey

وحدة SKU: 1303
    • Antique Grey Finish
    • Metal Body Construction
    • Wood Grips
    • Working Trigger, Hammer and Revolving Cylinder
    • Barrel Length: 12.0 inches
    • Overall Length: 17.5 inches
    • Weight: 2.0 lbs
    • Made in Spain
    • Made by Denix